COVID-19 Crisis Communication Apps

COVID-19 Communication Hub for Public Safety Agencies. 

Utilize the Apex Crisis Communication Hub to disseminate real-time information and provide easy access to reliable resources on COVID-19 to your community and employees via custom mobile applications available on iOS and Android devices.

Our Apex Community platform allows residents to stay home yet still be able to connect with their local public safety agencies. Provide your citizens with a one-stop resource that connects them with critical information relevant to your community’s unique needs.

With our internal-facing Apex IRIS platform, we can help our public safety officials prevent possible exposure via a virtual roll call and ensure the agency has access to communication tools that can keep the entire agency, including off-duty and remote employees, informed of this rapidly evolving situation.

Included Features

Features Included in Community & Internal COVID-19 Hubs:

  • Push Notifications
  • In-App & Web Accessible News Feed
  • Customizable Home Screen Icons
  • Unlimited Links to Web-Based Information (If it’s on the web, you can include it in your app)
  • Customizable FAQ library
  • PDF Document Library
  • Event Calendar
  • Resource Directories

Additional Features Available for Internal COVID-19 Hubs

  • User Accounts
  • Private Groups
  • CheckLists

The Benefit of Joining the Apex Mobile Network

For additional information, view our COVID-19 Communication Hub Offer FAQ.

If your agency is looking to deploy a community or internal Crisis Communication Dashboard, please reach out ASAP so that we can get you in the queue and properly prioritized with our on-boarding team.

Thank you for all that you do. Stay safe. #InThisTogether

Customizable Solutions to Meet Your Agency’s Needs

While our COVID-19 feature set will meet immediate needs of most agencies, we believe that every agency needs a custom touch. Once things settle dow, we’re ready to help you develop a solution tailored specifically for your organization. With a growing list of over 50 features and pre-built modules, the options are virtually limitless. Below are a few of the features that come with our COVID-19 Dashboard.

Push Notifications

Ensure your message is heard with instant notifications

News Feed

Feature relevant news in a prominent feed on your apps home screen. A web accessible view is provided as well.

Customizable Menus

Our flexible menu system can be customized in real time allowing you provide links to relevant resources that are always up to date.

Tip Reporting

Tip system allows for tip generation via app and web-based tip forms

Social Media Integration

Publish news and press releases to your app, Twitter, and Facebook

3rd Party Integrations

Easily incorporate any webpage, tool or other online resources


Four directory options allow you to provide department contact information and mappable directions to physical locations as needed.


Create unlimited FAQ groups to provide fast access

PDF Library

Upload PDFs for commonly accessed and distributed documents. Foster social distancing by directed users to your app.

Event Calendar

Highlight important dates for upcoming deadlines

User Accounts

Create user accounts to ensure only authorized individuals have access to restricted resources

Private Groups

Further restrict access to information based on agency roles and assignments


Provide step by step checklists for new and evolving procedures

Web Based Portal

Enable access to information from any web connected device.

Why Apex Mobile?

The Apex Mobile platform was built with ease of use, flexibility and growth in mind. Our cloud-powered, fully native iOS and Android solutions easily integrate with web based features to ensure that your app is up to date with the latest features.


Easily create and link content to make your app a truly one of a kind application. Give your app an extra bit of flair by adding custom icons and imagery.

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Update your app and communicate with your users via in-app messages, Facebook and Twitter from a single easy to use dashboard.

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With a growing list of dozens menu items and features, we are sure to have your needs covered. If not, allow us to create and customize your new feature.

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You more then just a customer to us and that’s why our team is available 24/7 to respond to your needs and ensure you get the most out of our platform.

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Our goal is to respond to all initial inquires within 24 hours. During our initial conversation, we will advise as to the current deployment timelines. Just like your organizations, our capacity is unfortunately limited by staffing but know that we are working 24/7 to build tools to help us expedite this process. We are also working on bringing on additional resources to expand staff.


Overall, we will be contacting agencies in the order that requests come in. That being said, if you have a critical and time sensitive need, in the comment field request an expedited contact and add a brief summary of your needs to help get you to the right person on our team to assist