Apex Mobile Launches Lighthouse Health & Wellness – It’s Time We Take Care of Those that Take Care of Us

Date: February 22, 2020

I’m very excited to announce Apex Mobile’s latest project, Lighthouse Health & Wellness – www.lighthousehw.org 

Our mission with Lighthouse is to ensure that every public safety agency in the nation is able to provide its employees and families with confidential and anonymous access to health and wellness resources.

The Inspiration for Lighthouse Health & Wellness

The concept for the Lighthouse Health & Wellness platform was inspired by a need and opportunity recognized by the 100 Club of Arizona. They identified an urgent and critical need for digital resources that provide first responders and their families confidential and anonymous access to mental health & wellness initiatives, addiction awareness tools, assessments, and sensitive yet timely direction toward treatment and care.  Apex Mobile collaborated with the 100 Club of Arizona to create Bulletproof and, the soon to be launched, Fireproof, a pair of apps and web portals that deliver these vital resources—at no cost to all public safety agencies in Arizona.

The 100 Club’s mission and the other incredible work they do in the state of Arizona inspired us to expand the vision of this technology into a nation-wide initiative. All of our country’s first responders deserve to have access anytime, anywhere, and across any internet-connected device to resources tailored to help them face the often unthinkable challenges presented in their critical line of work.

Lighthouse Arms Our First Responders with Wellness

Lighthouse was designed to provide our first responders and those that support them anonymous access to existing health and wellness programs, along with a growing library of the latest educational health and wellness information and tools that have been tailored to the unique needs of those working in public safety.

With the overwhelming rise in job-related stress, growing media scrutiny, increased focus on public safety suicides, and the reality and fear of senseless line-of-duty deaths, it is more important than ever that all first responders have access to health and wellness resources. Built on the Apex Mobile platform, Lighthouse is accessible via the web and iOS and Android applications. This puts the tools public safety officers need literally at their fingertips.

Providing Access with No Strings Attached & the Desire to Give Back

When it comes to something as critically important as officer’s mental health, profits shouldn’t be the highest priority. Our public safety officials deserve streamlined access to these essential and potentially life-saving tools, and we’re proud to be able to deliver that service free of charge.

Additionally, we can provide customizable agency-branded apps that house the core tools, along with additional features for a very reasonable price. The funds raised from the custom version will allow us to continue to innovate and expand program awareness. 

As the Lighthouse Health & Wellness community grows, we pledge to foster the discovery, development, and distribution of health and wellness tools, information, and initiatives that address the unique challenges faced by first responders and those who support them. 

If you are an agency looking to request access, a potential partner looking to help us spread awareness and/or help develop topic or state-related content, or are a possible sponsor that would like to see how you can help bring the Lighthouse Health & Wellness Project to your state, we want to hear from you!  https://www.lighthousehw.org/contact-us/

Be sure to follow our page to keep up to date with this exciting new project! https://www.linkedin.com/company/lighthousehw/