Date: March 20, 2020


Media Contact:
Jason Muenzer
(949) 309-2408


Mobile Apps Offer Social Distancing Solution for
First Responders Addressing Nationwide Pandemic

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA. March 20, 2020 – In light of the rapidly developing COVID-19 pandemic, Apex Mobile is extending a free, no-strings-attached offer for police agencies around the US to deploy mobile phone apps to communicate with their communities and also internal agency departments. These apps can be extremely helpful in allowing agencies to provide their officers, employees, and communities with a convenient method of direct notification and communication that supports social distancing and minimizes in-person contact.

“In a moment of national crisis, we felt providing a free and easy way for all police agencies to communicate with their communities was the least we could do to advance police office safety and potentially prevent the further spread of the coronavirus,” said Joe Ramirez, Founder and President of Apex Mobile, a leader in mobile technology for public safety agencies. 

Apex Mobile currently works with police agencies across the US and Canada to provide community engagement and internal public safety communication mobile applications and web portals. Apex client agencies include LA County Sheriff (CA), LAPD (CA), Bergen County Sheriff (NJ), Kent County Sherriff (MI) and New Jersey State Highway Patrol.

“Our goal is to help public safety officials disseminate real-time information and provide easy access to reliable resources on COVID-19, keeping first responders and their residents well informed and safe. Our Apex Community platform can allow residents to stay home yet still be able to connect with their local police agencies virtually. With our internal-facing Apex IRIS platform, we can help our public safety officials prevent possible exposure via a virtual roll call and ensure the agency has access to communication tools that can keep the entire agency, including off-duty and remote employees, informed of this rapidly evolving situation,” said Ramirez. 

Apex Mobile’s apps can be custom-developed and deployed for agencies in a matter of days and offer the following features: 

Community App Features (Estimated deployment time: 7-10 business days)

  • Send immediate alerts and notifications of municipality events or building closures 
  • Provide a COVID-19 featured page that gives residents health tips and information on what to do if they suspect they or a loved one are infected.
  • Maps of local testing locations
  • An agency discussion board for Q&A
  • Online reporting of non-emergency information
  • Migration of agency forms online

Internal App (Estimated deployment time: 2-4 business days)

  • Enable virtual roll call room to disseminate information virtually and avoid potential exposure from in-person briefings
  • Allow off-duty employees the ability to receive critical information if they don’t have access to agency email and/or agency provided devices
  • Digital Public Safety Bulletins
  • Send immediate alerts and notifications of municipality events or building closures
  • Text-To-Notify feature to allow delivery of forms, documents, and information via SMS
  • Access to resources in our Health & Wellness portal

Apex Mobile is offering its community relations and internal communications app platforms to any police agency in the United States at no-cost during this time of national crisis. If agencies wish to continue using the app after the pandemic, Apex will explore ongoing pricing options that meet the agency’s needs and fit within their budget requirements.

Agencies interested in exploring the deployment of a community or internal app should reach out to Apex Mobile ASAP to discuss their specific needs and the info Apex Mobile needs to start developing their department’s unique app. For more information on Apex Mobile and the free app development program, agencies should call Apex Mobile at (949) 309-2408 or go to  

About Apex Mobile

Apex Mobile is a leader in the development and implementation of mobile applications for public safety organizations. Built around a proprietary platform, Apex Mobile allows agencies to engage with the public more effectively than ever before with both standard and custom application functions. Currently in service with more than 150 law enforcement and fire agencies across the US and Canada, Apex Mobile is bringing community engagement into the mobile age and putting the power of mobility in the hands of first responders. For more information on Apex Mobile and their application platform call (949) 309-2408 or go to 

Additional Apex Mobile services include CivicSocial ( and Lighthouse Health & Wellness ( is a free tool to help time-crunched government and public safety PIOs and social media managers create quality branded social media and marketing materials for their agencies.

Lighthouse Health & Wellness is a free resource that provides first responders and those that support them confidential and anonymous access to health and wellness information.