Social Media Slump? How Public Safety Agencies Can Stay Connected to Community

Date: January 19, 2021

Politics and current events have evolved at a rapid pace over the past few months; it’s almost difficult to keep up with daily developments and changes. With everything going on, some individuals may be considering taking a break from using social media platforms, for a variety of reasons from concerns about censorship to enjoying better mental health. Public safety agencies and other community-driven organizations may have noticed changes in engagement or followers as a result of this, and may wonder how to continue to stay connected to all their followers, including those reducing their social media consumption.

Communication Sans Social Media

Agencies will still want to maintain contact with their community members, and be able to do so in a manner that allows them to control their messages without unnecessary censorship. Using technology present in our Community Apps, Apex Mobile has provided an alternative communication channel to reach the public without utilizing social media. Through department community apps, individuals can receive real-time messages, push notifications, and community updates, as well as far more in-depth information than they would see in an average Facebook post. The public can download apps directly to their mobile devices, bypassing the need to access agency information via a social media platform. The information shared in the app is completely controlled by the agency, ensuring that the messages and details shared accurately reflect the organization’s intent and values.

Social media certainly has it’s place, and will continue to be a source of community information and connection, but thinking outside the feed can offer a variety of benefits to agencies looking to keep communication open and evolve with the ever-changing times. To learn more about Apex Mobile’s Community Apps or, if you’re already a client, to find out how to best leverage the messaging capabilities within your app, contact us today.